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AUNDA healing


Discover what makes AUNDA healing unique

If you are thinking about an AUNDA healing Treatment with us,  you probably need to know a bit more to see whether we feel ´right´for you. 


AUNDA is a very high frequency and unique, which you can imagine as a golden wave.

Golden AUNDA healing Wave

This deep divine frequency can set about the wave of pain, treat the origin of the imbalance and dissolve it. Thus entire healing at all levels can take place.


Through treatment with the divine frequency AUNDA people of every age can regain physical, mental and spiritual balance in a natural way.




Everyone has the opportunity to accept Attilio Ferrara’s Teachings and to find their personal truth during the growth process. His Teachings show a possible and direct path for everyone to find their way back to the center, to the divine resource.

This is the path of the heart, it leads us to our own strength. Time is not relevant within this development. Important is to build the spiritual cognitions into one’s own life and to integrate them into daily life. The human being should grow equally within the trinity of body, soul, and spirit. A strong and good grounding enables a strong spiritual development.

Attilio Ferrara’s Teachings give back abilities of healing, the power of self-confidence, unconditional love, and ultimately the basic trust.

There are AUNDA-healers all over Europe, in Central America, North America and Australia. They have accepted Attilio Ferrara’s First Teaching and are able to embrace the path of healing with AUNDA.

Many AUNDA-healers are already AUNDA-ambassadors, and they are allowed and able to pass on one or more of Attilio’s Teachings. 

AUNDA Healing - Distance Treatments

Did you miss our stay in England?

Or sometimes, due to distance or disability, you are unable to come to us for a In-Person Treatment,....


We invite you to experience AUNDA Distance (Remote) Treatments  for yourself. 


AUNDA healing is not restricted to any time and location. The healing frequencies  ´transmit´over any distance, to anyone, anywhere in the world. And there is no difference in effect between In-Person or Distance Treatments. The treatment improves individual well being and inner peace thus maximizing the health of one’s own mind, body and spirit. It helps you FREE yoursef from limitting old patterns and receive pur love essences of the DEVINE AUNDA frequencies.


For arrangements please contact me...

and include what times of day and which days you are available for the session.


Please send us a photo of yourself, if possible. If you are arranging a distant treatment for another Person with her/his permission - unless they are a child in your care - please include a photo of her/him. Note: Photos are helpful, but not necessary. If you have one and can easily send, please do so. If not, it bears no difference on the effects of the  healing.


To set up the session, we will communicate with you via phone/skype or email to fix the date of our treatment.


Then, a few minutes before the treatment starts, place yourself in a peaceful room/place and relax . (sometimes this isn’t possible and that is fine as the frequencies will still be "sent" or we can program it to be sent at a specific time), put on some peaceful music, and perhaps have subdued lighting and candles (all optional – it’s about what suits you),


The treatment will begin at the established time. Distance healing typically last 30-45 minutes based on your needs, it´s all just as if we are there with you. All from the comfort of your own home / location.


During the treatment you may or may not: experience pulsing, tingling, itching, twitching; feel different temperatures like cold or heat; see colours; be aware of emotions surfacing; receive insights; get actual guidance; feel deeply relaxed/calm/peaceful; etc. We all experience things in life differently and that is equally true with AUNDA treatments. Whatever you do, or do not, experience through your senses will be perfect for you and it has no bearing on the effectiveness of the treatment. Some People may not experience anything at all. Some People may start noticing a difference the next day, few days later, or even a week later. Please remember... AUNDA healing is deeply working



Then, by phone/skype or email, you can share your impressions and experiences of the session if you like. Optional keep a diary to see your personal development. 


We will include some follow-up steps to support you after the treatment and provide aftercare advice.


What do you pay for AUNDA Distance healing?

Donation is welcomed  - this fund helps others.

[Financial concerns shall not be a reason for you to miss this opportunity]



Everyone´s experience is different however, so you can´t know to expect until you try it!

Get started today and schedule a AUNDA Distance Treatment.


Do you have any questions, please fell free to contact us?

Release Blockages and negative Patterns


Are you looking for a new quality of life and want to let go of negative behavior, feelings and pattern?


Do you want to clarify your feelings such as helplessness, irritability, worthlessness, anger, ... or hindering beliefs and dissolve recurring mental and physical blockages?




In the pattern resolution A after Attilio Ferrara, the stressful patterns or emotions in the cell memory are deeply erased - for less fears, more positive life energy and quality and a new balance of body, mind and soul.

Learn AUNDA healing


Wouldn’t it be great if you could help  yourself and others? With the first consecration of the AUNDA teaching Art of Healing you can!


What a life long gift of love to give these divine frequencies to those we love. And what a surprise to see that the healing may go deeper and broader than expected!


The beauty of this healing is that it doesn’t matter what your background is or how old you are. It requires no special skill or belief.  AUNDA healing will enrich you, your workplace, your family and even your pets and plants.


AUNDA healing is not just for people who want to become healers – it’s for everyone. It is safe and easy to learn.


Our intention is to provide  knowledge in AUNDA healing and teach it in a way that is individualised and practical. We are motivated from the heart space because we see the life changing value of AUNDA for individuals, for communities, and for the entire planet with the sacred consciousness.


We believe that AUNDA comes into our life at exactly the right moment – when you need it and when you are ready to receive the teaching. I have seen many students say ‘I wish I had found it earlier’ but when I ask them ‘would you have been open to it or would it have resonated with you back then?’ Most smile and reply ‘probably not’. It always lands on our door at the right moment. We can trust in that – you and AUNDA found each other at exactly the right moment. So if you are reading this – maybe this is that moment!
Attilio´s teaching ART OF HEALING gives back
  • the abilities of healing,
  • the power of self-confidence and
  • the infinite confidence of universal connectedness, which ultimately lead to basic trust.
In the first teaching the Light Body will be increased by 1.5 meters/1.6 yards  and the Healthy Aura is beeing doubled.
In the second teaching the Light Body zoomes to /reaches 6 meters / 6.5 yards.
The effects can be astonishing, It´s like a personal wellness program. The words below try to describe a feeling or an experience but all words fall short of expressing.  Language is limited
  • feelings of joy, peace, serenity, calmness and/or relaxation
  • emotions  of energetic and lightness,  happier more fulfilling life experience.
  • euphoria (happiness and/or positive thinking)
  • spiritual awarness; connecting deeply to your love
  • basic trust and the infinite confidence of universe
  • releasing of suppressed/buried feelings and/or blockages
  • cleansing, restoring and re-balancing mental and emotional aspects
  • developing of Body and Mind, which affects all levels of our beeing
  • helping to manage and prevent your health and supporting your immune system
  • advancing clarity, creative thinking and sense of purpose;
  • providing a happier more fulfilling life experience
  • opening your mind to the deep desires in your heart, discovering the things you really need to become fulfilled!
  • etc.

Are you curious about learning AUNDA healing?

AUNDA healing Logo

We teache AUNDA healing for many years in Switzerland, Germany, England and run practice sessions, healing circles and  Master Meditations.


The practice session is a meet up where you can experience e.g.  a quided Meditation, further more Information supporting you in your process.


It will be a healing space where you can find support and encouragement as you continue along your journey.

Whether you are looking to get back in touch with AUNDA, refresh on giving AUNDA treatments, increase your self confidence in working with AUNDA, receive a gentle yet powerful treatment or meet new friends – it promises to be a time of healing and fun!


Melisa offers practice sessions  because she feels that having continued support after the first teaching is very important and can offer invaluable support.


She will be pleased to give you the benefit of her advice drawing from her own deep well of female wisdom.


AUNDA your day - share the love and spread the joy of AUNDA


Some people also send AUNDA frequencies 'to their day' by imagining their day ahead and flooding the day with AUNDA, imagining everything going well, smoothly, calmly.


Interested? Feel inside.... 


*Due to legal reasons: Nothing on this Website is intended as medical or psychological advice. AUNDA healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine. Whenever you have concerns about your health or mental well being, you should seek follow the advice of  a qualified medical  or mental health practitioner. Please take responsibility for your own health!