#Brief introduction

Zodiac & Ascendant Virgin
Since early childhood, I have been shaped by religious / spiritual values and experiences.

I spent long years in a leadership role and - of course-  I know many individual challenges for myself and others.

"Faith, trust and spiritual fulfillment" are very important to me.

This and much more I am finding in the teachings of Attilio.


For more than 10 years, I have been deeply rooted in the teachings of AUNDA healing and I am delighted that I was able to accompany Attilio on several trips. This trust in the divine frequencies, as well as my experiences , I am pleased to pass to others as a teacher of Attilio´s  way of life and treatments. 
"We are guided by our wishes - follow your heart."



LIVE MORE DIVINITY  - From Sinai to Jordan
A journey with Attilio Ferrara, healer and ambassador
ISBN: 978-3-8495-7646-2
(168 pages)

China - Attilio Ferrara in the Middle Kingdom
Photobook reportage - experience the journey in pictures!
(98 pages)

Mexico - Attilio Ferrara in the empires of the Inca, Maya and Aztecs
- on the way in the divine order.
Hot shots and many pictures of the journey with special magic
(156 pages)

#AUNDA healing


Frequency treatments 

Release Blockades and Patterns according to AUNDA healing


Course  >> The Art of Healing <<
...further education on request

Voice frequency increased up to 600,000 Bovis units

Upon request:
Travel seminars/workshops  - in the footsteps of Attilio Ferrara

If you are interested I am happy to answer your questions.

Please note: AUNDA healing is used to activate the self-healing powers. AUNDA healing does not replace the diagnosis or treatment of a doctor or alternative practitioner and is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic treatment.